All systems are fully operational

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  • Web Hosting

    Service status for our customers who use our hosting services.

    • Primary Web Server

      When everything is working correctly, this is the server that will handle all website requests.

    • Secondary Web Server

      If the primary web server goes down, this is the first server that will take over.

    • D.R. Web Server

      Disaster Recovery Server - this server will take over if both of the previous web servers go down.

  • Remote Access Server

    Our ConnectWise Control server that enables us to connect to your computer remotely for support.

  • Email system
  • Phone system
  • Ticketing/RMM System

    This system allows us to create tickets and run remote management and monitoring software.

Previous Incidents

[False Alarm] Automated outage notice

This incident was deemed a false alarm after 3 minutes
  • Primary Web Server
Wed, 21 Mar 2018
13:32:49 CDT

Our automated systems have detected a possible outage and have failed over to another server while this issue is being investigated.

13:36:15 CDT

False alarm - we were working on the server and accidentally tripped the indicator that signals that the host is down; however, the host did not go down and no downtime occurred.

No further notices from the past 7 days.